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Title: On the Other Side of the Camera
Universe: Marvel. Same universe as Men in Suits (of Armor)
Pairing: Spiderman and Captain America
POV: Peter Parker, of course!

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Because I can.

Posted on 2010.06.26 at 15:54
Current Mood: weirdweird
Also, my ff.net account is being suck.

Title: Men in Suits (of armor)
Universe: Marvel. Well, my version of it. MarvelISH.
Pairing: More Spidey and Captain America. Because. Well. Because.
Rating: A for AWWdorkable, according to Drel.
POV: This one's acutally first person. I don't know why I always write spidey from first person, but I do. I'm just making a note cause it's odd.

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Now I feel weirdly old.

Posted on 2010.06.09 at 22:30
Ten. Fucking. Years. Collapse )

ETA; hacked (with permission) by Andrew. Because Momo forgot that her journal had a purple background and the colors were really wonky. ILU momo <3


On dreams.

Posted on 2010.04.22 at 12:24
I had a dream while I took my nap.
Now you get to hear about it.
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Posted on 2010.03.20 at 15:41


Okay, so it's a link, but I don't like hotlinking, okay?

But, seriously.

I wans't even LOOKING for chinchilla OR por- ahh, stock photo's of young ladies.

It's just. I..

I know there's probably more randomness out there.

But, C'mon.

This is up there, right?

On a side note, I want ot write ficlets. So give me promts. Dosen't have to be fan fiction, I'll take the first ten whatevers.

Posted on 2010.02.01 at 14:38

What should I name my new car?

Yellow Flash
While we're in this vein, Raidou
Yellow Submarine
Lemon Shark
Lemon Drop
Skotty (the first four letters are 5kot, i read it as Skot)
Blue Ringed Pisselsnape

Those are all stupid! Name it this!

So, obviously, I have obtained a state of car. it's a 2000 yellow Ford Focus hatchback. Feel free to google that, then vote.

Is the dog catholic?

Just saying.

Posted on 2010.01.21 at 10:19
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This little mommy stayed home by Samantha Wilde


Earrings, cuffs and the marketability of anarchist terrorists,


Hyprocriosy, I has it, head aches cold and the common cure.



I'm leaving all that up there so you can see what 'write about this' blog notes to me look like. They look like Falloutboy song titles and LOL cat/ fail blog article headers. Now you know.

Let's break it down, shall we?


It's raining outside.Collapse )



There is a fat little bird outside in the rain, hopping up and down. Little dude! Go be warm!





Fear me and my Updates

Posted on 2010.01.19 at 10:25
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Bri* demanded more Sherlock.

I sent her this, I think, but I'm posting it now so I can more love out of her. She writes wonderfully flattering reveiws and I'm a bit of a whore when it comes to reveiws so up they go.

(I would like to step aside and say, huh, I've posted quite a bit in the last few days. Strange of me. I'd say I should work on doing that more but it's kinda low priority. Sorry.)

SO! More Sherlock writing stuff.

Sequel/ bit that goes after THIS.

Title: The Accululation of Fee's, Coat Racks and Fishing.
Summary: Another converstation, this time Holmes and Watson.
Rating: Pg-13 again cause it's a good rating nd holmes knows too many large fun words to need very many four letter ones.

All things were theoretically possible, if not probable.Collapse )

*Who played the most fabulous Orochimaru I have ever seen to the most fucked up Kabuto I could think of in a now defunct RP forum.

Hadn't eatten much all day.

Got home. Had diddly prepared.

So! I microwaved a sweet potato.

And put it in the food processor.

And threw in an egg.

Added flour until it was a dough but it was still really sticky. Get ambtious and toss in lemon zest and some fresh from the fruit tangerine juice.

Cold water on hands, flour on cutting board. Dough gets rolled out, cut into little pillows, thrown into boiling water.

When they're done they float. I used a spider to get them out, drained them and tossed them into a drying pan with a touch of butter.

Then, tada! I get to enjoy fabulous citrus sweet potato gnocchi!

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Today, on my day off, I helped a friend do something she was doing for another friend.

I babysat.

There is sooo much wrong with me. On the plus side they were little, couldn't talk, didn't mind me and were easy to sling around. Also the friend owes me lunch now.

On an unrelated note, go see Sherlock Holmes. Just do it. Enjoyed the cutest damn couple ever. It's got me writing fic, dammit, and Sherlock makes a highly educated asshole of a muse. (see earlier post).

I've read all the original writings, it was a while ago but Im going to reread them. I have this very clear memory of being ridiculously pleased with myself because out of, oh, something like fiftyseven mysteries, I solved ONE myself. The very last one, with the deadman at the seaside.

It was also my first thousand page book.

I recommend the books and the movie.

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